02-03-2014: Belangrijke info over de danslessen woensdag 5 maart

De danslessen van woensdag 5 maart komen te vervallen.
De les van de dames van 1900 tot 2000 uur gaat wél door.


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    Nice insights Nick. I agree with the size issue, but really like Milsap and the energy he brings. Like how you laid out the options, will be interesting to watch and see…

  3. wrote on oktober 24th, 2016 at 10:41 am


    How nice they have wide sizes – it can be hard to fit my face. I like Sam (Nutmeg), Felix (Olive Tortoise), and Andy (I’d love to try the Aubergine) for me, me, me!

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    Thanks Lily!I just read it. I guess there really is something going on – since the NY Times writer and I decided to write our articles the same day.Thanks for sharing!!!

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